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About Ely:

Ely has over 12 years of experience with natural nails and gel nail products. She has a Bachelor's and Master's in Organizational Communication from Florida International University where she graduated both times summa cum laude, and has been studying Korean language and culture for the last decade. After a major life change, she decided to quit the corporate life and start her own business in the creative arts. What began as a press-on nail business, turned into Ely discovering she had a hidden talent for nails. Quickly adapting to the nail world, she became a licensed nail technician in 2021. In 2022, she traveled to Korea to become one of the first U.S. Master Educators for fan-favorite brand I'ZEMI. Aside from nails, Ely enjoys practicing her Korean, reading, traveling, and spending time with family.

About Brit: 

Brit has over 13 years of experience in the nail world. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and was in the top of her class. At the age of 23, she began her own fashion company designing and manufacturing swimwear. Her company was extremely successful, but it produced too much work and stress. After COVID, she made the difficult decision to pause her business and switch gears into a different industry. Nails was the perfect creative outlet for her and she became licensed in 2020. Two years later, she became one of the first U.S. Master Educators for I'ZEMI. In her free time, Brit enjoys going to the beach, traveling and spending time with family. 

Where it all began:

Ely and Brit met online in a Facebook group for gel nails, and after learning they both lived in Miami, they instantly became friends. Hae Nails started in 2021, after its founders Ely and Brit found many disparities in the products offered in the U.S. market. They found that there weren't many high-quality options that were easily accessible in the U.S. Having a background as nail techs, they realized this was a huge problem which further contributed to the issues that nail technicians face on a daily basis when using lower quality products, such as lifting, chipping, etc. After falling in love with the Korean nail culture and trying out their products, they knew this was what was missing in the U.S. and thus, Hae Nails was born.

What does Hae Nails mean?

When Ely and Brit were looking for a name for their company, they wanted something that tied in cultural aspects of both the Korean culture and their own Caribbean roots. They found that all three places had a common factor: the sun. Sun is Hae (해) in Korean, and when spoken in English, Hae Nails (네일) sounds like Hey Nails! When they went to Korea in 2022, they also found out that Hae Nail means, "do nails". Although the name originated based on their desire to blend cultural aspects, it worked out to have a perfect meaning in multiple languages!

What makes Hae Nails different?

Ely and Brit believe that there's more to a nail supply store than just pretty packaging and good marketing. Education always has to be first, which is why they are so heavily focused on making sure their customers and future students have everything they need to succeed, including the highest quality products on the market. In 2023, Hae Nails will be launching a first of its kind nail academy focusing entirely on natural nails. Hae Nails will be the first Korean nail supply, ran and operated by licensed nail techs and master educators, that have their own nail academy. They strive to close the gap that exists in both nail education, and high quality nail supply availability.

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