I'ZEMI The Resin Top Gel [HIGH]

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I'ZEMI's 'The Resin' Top Gel [HIGH] is the new + improved version of their popular 'Resin 99.9 Top Gel Basic: Express' in a higher viscosity.

With a brand new look, new functions have also been added to an already amazing formula. The Master Neo Base Gel is specifically formulated for an ever-changing nail industry. This base gel offers amazing retention for beginners and experts alike, no yellowing, exceptional durability, glossy shine, and no UV-LED lamp sensitivity.

Exclusive Features:

⭐️ Super transparent with an ultra-high gloss

⭐️ Long-lasting gloss (4+ weeks)

⭐️ Non yellowing

⭐️ Can be used as both a top coat + overlay in one step!

If you're looking to upgrade your manicures, look no further than I'ZEMI. 🤩