MPA x narinanails 'The Artist Palette' [PRE-ORDER]

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THIS IS A PRE-ORDER ITEM! As this is our first order for this item, we do not have a shipping estimate at this time, but we anticipate only a few weeks wait for these palettes. We will update with more information as it comes in! Thank you for your patience; email us at if you need assistance or have questions! 💖



A collaboration between our best-selling brand MPA and nail artist narinanails. This art gel palette comes with 16 high viscosity gel colors; half neutral colors and half primary colors. 

This palette is perfect for drawing characters and nail art. It was curated specifically for artists to mix and match colors to get custom shades. Each package contains a pack of mixing papers, individually packaged colors in syringes with a push tube, and two empty mini palettes for your convenience. 

Color names:

-Banksy White


-Picasso Skin

-Kahlo Skin

-Basquiat Brown

-Vermeer Brown

-Da Vinci Grey

-McNeill Black

-Mondrian Red

-Van Gogh Orange

-Warhol Yellow

-Miro Blue

-Kusama Green

-Munch Teal

-Monet Mood



-These colors can be used for full coverage application, as well as art.

-Cure time is 30-60 seconds in a UV/LED lamp. If using these colors for full coverage application, please apply in thin coats and cure for 60 seconds or longer if necessary. 

-Each tube contains 5 grams of product.


-DO NOT OVERFILL; please only fill each square 3/4 of the way or less in order to reduce spilling of the product. The syringes can be screwed closed and the remaining product can be saved for refills in the future. 

-STORE FLAT and out of reach of pets or children. This palette is not ideal for travel due to its liquid nature.

-The top lid is NOT acetone proof, so please be mindful when using removers around the palette. 

-Avoid direct sunlight or any UV light as the gels will cure and become unusable. 

Refunds, exchanges, or replacements will not be issued if we suspect that error or misuse has occurred.