I'ZEMI Open Package Collection

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For the first time ever, you can now design your own collection from I'ZEMI Korea!

Choose your own:

140 i-series colors, 50 glow colors, and 50 Stella-B colors!

Free Gifts:

1 Acrylic Swatch palette for each polish type

1 Full Brush Set from I'ZEMI

1 of each Resin 99.9 Top Gel

1 Neo Base Low + Mid

1 Resin 99.9 Fast + 1 Resin 99.9 Quick

1 of each Non Wipe Top Gel (Low and Mid)

Total Value: $5620 + $585 in gifts = $6205

*Once you have completed your order, we will email you for the color selections you'd like, so please ensure to check out with an email you have access to.

These will be custom ordered from Korea, and shipping will take about 2 weeks!