I'ZEMI Resin 99.9 Top [Express] *Limited Edition*

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I'ZEMI's newest products to the basics lineup: 

Introducing the Express line!

The brand new express line was formulated after extensive testing and research in I'ZEMI's labs, to ensure that DIYers and nail enthusiasts without professional grade equipment could get the same high-quality shine, longevity and performance from I'ZEMI's best-selling cult favorite products.

This new line of basic gels will cure in most UV/LED lamps without the need for a professional 36W lamp.

We recommend using the express line-up together for best results; Neo Base Express -> I'zemi Color -> Resin 99.9 Top Express OR Non Wipe Top Express. 

This line will be limited edition until stock runs out, so stock up now and take advantage of the best price! ❤️