Jello Jello Peel Base + One Kill Remover Set

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Korea's most popular peel off base is now available in the United States! 

Introducing the Jello Jello peel off base + one kill remover!

Use this dynamic duo if you like to change your manicure out often, if you're practicing, or for an easier gel  pedicure removal. The peel off base is non-damaging to your nails and easily removes with the one kill remover. 

Peel base can last UP TO 2 weeks or longer depending on the health and condition of the natural nail, and proper prep. 

*Please note, this is a professional product and results will vary depending on several factors such as the condition of the natural nails, proper prep knowledge and execution, and external factors.

Peel base contains 10ml of product, and the One kill contains 30ml. 


How to use:

1. Prep your nails as normal for gel application, clean with alcohol.

2. Apply a layer of the peel base and cure for 30 seconds in an LED/UV lamp.

3. Apply color and top coat and finish your manicure as usual.

For removal:

1. Generously apply One Kill remover oil all around your nails

2. Using one of the included orange wood sticks, start to lift up the edges of the gel carefully until the gel pops off.

3. All done! Rub the remaining cuticle oil into your nails for a boost of moisture. :)