MPA Art Gel Palette

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Purchasing this item while in pre-order status means that you agree and are aware that there will be a delay in receiving this item. Please expect a delay of UP TO 8 weeks before you receive this item. 

Due to high demand for this item, there are no guarantees for a specific delivery date range. We will do our best to provide a range estimate based on previous shipments, but please understand external factors can change the arrival.

***If you order other items with your palette they will be on hold to ship together. If you need your other items sooner, please place a separate order for the palette.*** 

An art gel palette that comes with 40 different, high viscosity gels perfect for drawing characters, and making nail art. Colors will come individually packaged in syringes that have to be manually deposited into the palette. 


-Do not fill the colors up all the way, as it expands and it will spill. We recommend only filling it 1/2 of the way, and preserving the leftover for refills in the future.

-This one is obvious, but do not expose your palette to UV light or sunlight. The gels will cure and your palette will be unusable. We recommend taking out what you need onto a palette (the Izemi Acrylic Art Palette works amazing for this) to preserve the integrity of the gels.

-STORE FLAT and out of reach of pets or small children. We also do not recommend that this palette be moved around or traveled with due to its liquid nature. We also recommend decorating the top lid of the palette to easily identify which side is up, so as to not accidentally flip it over. :)

***No refunds, credits or replacements will be issued for user error or misuse***

This item is manufactured in China.

10-Free, Vegan and Cruelty-free! Contains HEMA.

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